Institute for Supply Management, India (ISM-India)
An affiliate of ISM, USA
Start your Certification Journey today!    Supply Chain Consultants can register themselves by sending CV for wide range of openings/ consultancies with ISM-INDIA members.   •   Join the largest Supply Management Association in the world   •   Take advantage of great networking opportunities with nearly 40,000 members   •   ISM is the largest Supply Mangement Institute in the world   •   Raising the bar of Supply Management Profession.   •   Introducing World Class Supply Management Training (CPSM)
ISM-India members mainly consist of supply management professionals from multinational companies. Our membership base represents 80% of Fortune 500 companies.

As an affiliate of the global ISM network, membership in ISM-India is also a gateway to the ISM membership -- joining ISM-USA will also entitle you to a membership in ISM-INDIA. Our membership is open to professionals in purchasing, research, value analysis, inventory control, materials management, supply management, logistics, supply chain planning or other function related to the purchasing or supply process. Full-time faculty and students of universities which includes purchasing and supply management subjects and consultants in the purchasing management or supply management fields are also welcome.

ISM-India values and seeks a diverse membership, as well as the efforts, knowledge, and commitment of all volunteers and staff, and structures the volunteer system to maintain continuity by encouraging participation to enhance value-added activities and optimize productivity.

There are 2 Easy Ways to Join:
  • Fill the Membership Application form by click here. The membership fee of Rs.8500 (Including GST @18%)shall be made to ISM as per details provided in the form, through net banking.
For detailed information on membership and role of ISM, download the Membership Brochure.

Academician & Student Membership:
ISM-India strongly encourages students and academicians interested in supply management to join the association.
Dues-free memberships are available to educators and students who meet the following criteria:

Academician: employed full-time with an academic appointment as a teacher, research specialist, department head, director or dean of a college, university, or other academic institution with an educational responsibility including purchasing, materials management, or other related fields or subjects.
Please provide a copy of your business card as verification.

Students: enrolled full-time in an accredited college or four-year college or university. Full-time is defined as 12 or more credit hours for undergraduate students, and 6 or more hours for graduate students. You must indicate your estimated date of graduation on your application and advisor's e-mail address for verification of your full-time status.

Dues-free Membership in ISM includes:
  • A subscription to Inside Supply Management magazine with leading-edge information for use in the classroom
  • Full access to the ISM website with searchable databases and employment opportunities
  • CAPS Research reports free of charge upon request
  • And much more!
For more information, contact ISM-India Customer Service at +91-9971171220 or download the special application and mail it to ISM-India. Remember to include the requested material as verification of your full-time or academic status.

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