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Start your CPSM Journey today!

Over the last decade, the demand for experienced supply chain leaders with professional certification is growing dramatically. CEOs of the major corporations worldwide have realized that an efficient & responsive supply chain strategy is the key to improving operational performance & ROI.

This career is not for you if you don’t like to be in the spotlight-or being part a team essential to your company success. If you are the type of person who enjoys challenge and having your colleagues look to you for solutions, then SCM is the right career for you. With increased globalization of Supply Management activities, future belongs to SCM professionals & SCM is becoming the hub of the organization. If you wish to position yourself as a strategic innovator in supply chain management, there is simply no substitute for CPSM Certification from ISM, USA - the first and largest organization of its kind in the world.

ISM, USA through ISM-INDIA offers wide range of professional development program including certification in Supply Management. Its certification CPSM® is the most prestigious designation and has reciprocity with all other major international certification including from ITC (Joint Agency of UN & WTO).

Start your CPSM Journey today!

Step 1 (Plan):
  • It depends on your personal career path, which is very different for each person. We generally recommend you do the following to figure out if a certification is best for you and your career.
    • Take some time to figure out your current and future career goals. Be honest about what you really enjoy doing in your career. Do you want to continue to work on the same areas or do you want to move into other areas or maybe into other industries?
    • Review the Exam Specifications of CPSM Certification and check if it meets your expectation.
    • Work out the total cost involved.
  • Once you have made up your mind, apply for Membership of ISM. This is free for professors & students but cost Rs.8500 (Including GST @18%) for professionals. For details including benefits, click Membership on ISM-INDIA website.
Step 2 (Study):
  • To prepare for CPSM Certification, the following tools are available.
    • Self Study Material: This covers 3 Study Guides (One for each Exam), 3 Professional Series & one Diagnostic Kit. These are available on order. It costs Rs.17,000 for ISM members and Rs. 22,000 for non-member. There are no shipping charges within India. The study material can be ordered by sending a request to ISM-INDIA by an email to along with payment through net banking or cheque.
    • MyTraining: This covers practical tips and power point slides covering all 3 exams. ISM members can access it without any additional cost.
    • Development Needs Assessment Test: ISM-INDIA assists all paid ISM members in assessing their knowledge and identifying areas where they need to focus for passing all the exams.
    • CPSM Review Boot Camp: These are conducted one month before exams. The key objective is to facilitate preparation for the CPSM Exams by presenting Study Guide information in a cumulative fashion and allowing attendees to build on their previous understanding of supply management concepts as we progress. For details please contact us at contact@ism-
    • E-Learning Platform: All ISM members are encouraged to join ISM-INDIA Group on LinkedIn. This group focuses on issues relating to CPSM Certification and trends in supply management.
    • Monthly Magazine: All ISM members get soft copy of this award winning monthly magazine (Inside Supply Management). This covers wide range of case studies, research articles and information that can be applied to your job immediately.
    • Knowledge Center: ISM members can have access to this valuable research tool.
    • Glossary of Key Supply Management Terms: ISM members can access this through ISM-INDIA site by clicking ISM USA.
Step 3 (Test & Analyze):
  • Test your preparation for exam by going through Diagnostic Kit.
  • Assess & analyze the areas where you need to work hard.
  • The focus should be in understanding the concepts instead of cramming.
Step 4 (Examination):
  • Once you are ready for exams, please register for online exams at least one month in advance. The exams are conducted in all major cities of India.
  • To facilitate the completion of all exams for CPSM exams, these are conducted 6 times a year.
  • To register for exams and know more about it please click Exam Registration.
  • The examination fee is Rs.5000 (Including GST @18%) per exam for ISM members and Rs.6000 (Including GST @18%) for non-members.
Step 5 (Apply for CPSM Certificate):
  • Applicants for Original CPSM® certification must pass all three CPSM® Exams. In addition, applicants must have three years of full-time, professional supply management experience (non-clerical, nonsupport) with a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution or international equivalent OR Five years of full-time, professional supply management experience (non-clerical, nonsupport) without a qualified bachelor’s degree.
    C.P.M.s in good standing may take the Bridge Exam to fulfill the exam requirements for the CPSM®. Please contact ISM-INDIA for the Application Form.
  • The issuance of CPSM original certificate is managed by ISM USA directly. They charge USD 99 from ISM members and USD 179 from non-members.
Step 6: (Apply for MLS-SCM International Certificate from ITC, Geneva):
  • As a part of reciprocity agreement with ITC, Geneva (a Joint Agency of UN & WTO), you are welcome to get additional certificate from ITC without any additional exam. For details please contact ISM-INDIA directly.
  • The candidates who wish to migrate to USA or Europe are eligible to apply SCMP Certification (PMAC, Canada) without additional exams.

P.S. The payment can be made through net banking or cheque to Institute for Supply Management (ISM) India as per details given below.

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Name of Beneficiary: ISM SERVICES INDIA LLP
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