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International Professional Certification in Supply Chain Management
ITC is the joint agency of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the United Nations (UN). Over the past ten years, the Supply Chain Management (SCM) Program of ITC, Geneva has helped train over 30,000 business managers in 60 countries. Executives learn to manage the sourcing,
movement and storage of goods from source of production to point of consumption. For enterprises, this means practical solutions to overcome challenges of export market demands; for buyers, this means optimized sourcing options.

The International Professional Certification is available at three levels as listed below.
  • International Certificate in Supply Chain Management,awarded after successful completion of the exams for Modules 1-6.
  • Advanced International Certificate in Supply Chain Management,awarded after successful completion of the exams for the above Modules plus Modules 7-12.
  • International Diploma in Supply Chain Management, awarded upon successful completion of all the 12 Modules plus 4 of the Diploma level Modules 13-18 & successful completion of the Project report or upon the successful completion of six of the diploma level Modules.
Masters add on are also available after completion of International Diploma in SCM.

Duration: Normal duration of the course is 18 months; however since this is a modular course specially designed for professionals, the candidates can complete the modules at their own pace.

To facilitate the completion of above certification ISM-INDIA (an affiliate of ISM USA) has entered into an agreement with ITC, Geneva. International Professional Diploma in SCM offered by ITC has reciprocity arrangement with CPSM offered by ISM.

Start Your Journey With IPSCM

Step 1. (Plan) :

Plan to select the Programme you want to enroll yourself keeping in mind the eligibility criteria.

1 International Certificate in Supply Chain Management 10+2+3 (Min. Graduation)
2 Advanced International Certificate in Supply Chain Management Level 1 i.e Certificate
3 International Diploma in Supply Chain Management Level 2 i.e. Advance Certificate

Step 2. (Enrollement) :

Fill the ‘ISM-INDIA Registration Form’ and click on ‘Submit’ to become the member of ISM-INDIA along with the Fee of Rs.1100/- (Including GST @18%) which will be payable by ‘Net Banking / Cheque’.

Step 3. (Study Material) :

Place the order for the ‘Study Material’ for the ‘Level’ you are planning to enroll. It will cost Rs.9999/- for each level.
You will receive the 6 Course Books & Workbooks for the level you are enrolling yourself. Study Material will be delivered via courier for which there is no charges within India.

Step 4. (Training) :

For Corporate (If n people are there) – There will a boot camp if company arranges at their own premises, it is a face-to-face training on the payment bases.
For Individual – There are webcast that are free of cost for the members.

Step 5. (Self Assessment) :

Once you are ready with subject, you can assess your ‘Knowledge & Skills’ via appearing for the ‘Online Test’. This will help you to know the pattern and format of the exams.

Step 6. (Registration with ITC/ISM India) :

Now you need to register yourself at ITC webpage –

Step 7. (Exam Payment) :

After registering, you need to Rs.5000/- (Including GST @18%) per exam for the exam, you want to appear. You can make the payment by ‘Net Banking’ or ‘Cheque’.

Step 8. (Venue) :

Online Test will be conducted at the Prometric Center. Details of the same will be forwarded as requested.

Step 9. (Next Level) :

Once you done with certificate you can apply for the ‘Advance Certificate’ or if you have completed ‘Advance Certificate’ can apply for the “Diploma”.

Step 10. (Apply for IPSCM Certificate) :

To apply for IPSCM Certificate, you need to pay INR 9500/- (Including GST @18%) to ISM-INDIA and approve your sample copy certificate on the MLS-SCM portal.

Note :

Apply for CPSM (Certified Professional in Supply Management) Certificate if you have completed all the 3 levels of IPSCM
As a part of reciprocity agreement with ISM, you are welcome to get additional certificate from ISM without any additional exam. For details, please contact ISM-INDIA directly.

P.S. The payment can be made through net banking or cheque to Institute for Supply Management (ISM) India as per details given below.

Bank Transfer Information:
Name of Beneficiary: ISM SERVICES INDIA LLP
Beneficiary Bank: ICICI Bank Ltd
Bank Account No.: 165305000145
IFSC Code: ICIC0001653
Type of Account: Current


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