Institute for Supply Management, India (ISM-India)
An affiliate of ISM, USA
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Board of Directors
Our entire team of Board of Directors comprise champions of the industry and business schools. These are people who have done exceedingly well in their careers and have passion for education. They remain our active source of guidance and inspiration.

  1. Krishan Batra
    President MBA (Syracuse University), Ex. chairman UNDP/ACP, New York

  2. Dr. V. K. ANAND
    Director PhD (HR), Professor Business School in Banglore
  3. Prof. Rakesh Chaudhary
    Director MBA (Wharton School, USA)
  4. Mahesh Rastogi
    Director Msc, Grad. IETE, Ex. Director, Met Office
  5. Kamlesh Vyas
    Director MBA (XLRI), Director, First India Business School
  6. Megha Rastogi
    Director Master of Engineering (Cornell University, USA), Master Certificate (Business Management), Harvard University
  7. Mr. Gyan Bhambri
    Director M.Sc (Geology), Ex-Director, Geological Survey of India
  8. Dev Chaudhary